The Queer Tango Project supports the Queer Tango community around the world in developing critical ideas, stimulating debate and resources about how and why Queer Tango is danced.

It started as the Queer Tango Book Project founded by Birthe Havmoeller in 2013 and as our ideas grew we decided that it was time to re-named the website: The Queer Tango Project in 2015.

The Queer Tango Project’s activities and creative projects:

The Queer Tango Book
The Queer Tango Team, Birthe Havmoeller, Ray Bachelor and Olaya Aramo published The Queer Tango Book – Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century (2015). The Book is the first of its kind: a unique, international anthology of writings and artworks about Queer Tango from dancers, activists, academics, artist and others, some of whom are key figures in the Queer Tango movement.

The Blog
We have created a Queer Tango blog where we promote coming Queer Tango Festivals and share Queer Tango videos and articles.

The Queer Tango Image Archive
The Queer Tango Image Archive is a digital collection of historical, pre-1995, images which relate to the themes and issues touched on by Queer Tango. The curators are Ray Batchelor and Gonzalo Collazo. The Archive provide a virtual space (designed by Birthe Havmoeller) where these historical images can be seen in one place, surrounded by comments from image Donors, from Visitors to the website and from ourselves. The Archive is our new satelite project.

The Queer Tango Conversation at facebook
If you are a dancer, an activist, author, academic or an artist or all or any of these or in any other way interested in Queer Tango, we invite you to air your views here, to start discussions, raise issues, ask questions, respond to comments and compare your experiences with others around the world contributing to The Queer Tango Conversation.