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Podcast: Interview with Augusto Balizano

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Augusto BalizanoHumans of Tango: A Podcast with Augusto Balizano
Reflections of a queer tango trailblazer
podcast by Liz Sabatiuk (on www.buzzsprout.com)

“Queer was the possibility actually to be more open, not to have the fixed, standard situation…”

In 2019, Queer Tango pioneer Augusto La Marshall came to DC as a guest artist through Tango Mercurio’s Queer Tango Program. In addition to teaching classes and workshops, Augusto graciously agreed to sit down at an informal brunch hosted by the DC Queer Tango Collective to answer all of the DC community’s burning questions. There was much coffee, OJ, and laughter, with the conversation meandering from the origins of tango to social codes to the future of queer tango. Here, Queer Tango Program Manager Liz Sabatiuk shares highlights and reflections from that candid, thought-provoking event.