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Madrid – Queer Tango Travel Tips

Tango Queer Madrid

Travel tips by Olaya Aramo:
Madrid’s queer tango community is still very small but growing. You can go dancing every Friday night at the queer milonga La Traviesa run by Olaya Aramo at Asociación cultural Embajadores con Provisiones, Embajadores 49, 28012 Madrid, Spain. La Traviesa takes place in the Lavapiés neighborhood, which probably the most alternative and multi-cultural neighbourhood in the city, only ten minutes by walk from Puerta del Sol and near the metro station Embajadores. Before the milonga you go to a queer tango workshop with Olaya Aramo from 20.00 to 22.00  (only 6€) and at 22.30 queer milonga starts (free entrance) where you can dance until 2 – 3 o’clock in the morning. We play music from the Golden Age, and once a month we have free-style sessions of Tango Nuevo. Although queer dancers varies from milonga to milonga, the organizers are queer and any sexist, homophobic or trans-phobic behavior is not permitted.

Queer milonguero tango – regular classes with Darío Molina and Olaya Aramo coming soon!

The facebook group of Tango Queer Madrid:

You can also go to Milonga Antifascista del Hondo Bajo Fondo, open air milonga on Wedensdays, at Plaza dos de Mayo (near the metro stations Bilbao and Tribunal). This milonga is run by Andrea Venturini and Amelia Tangarate. It is the oldest alternative milonga in Madrid with a relaxed enviroment. In October Milonga Antifascista del Hondo Bajo Fondo returns to its winter home at El Patio Maravillas, a squatted social center in Malasaña. The milonga starts at 22.00 to 24.00 and it is free. See facebook for more details. Also here no sexist, homophobic or trans-phobic behavior is accepted. Andrea Venturini also organises another milonga on Saturday nights 24.00 to 04.00 at Way Hostel in Lavapiés.

The facebook group of Milonga Antifascista del Hondo Bajo Fondo in Madrid:

Nobody is going expel you at any of Madrid’s milonga for dancing queer, and open role dancing is well accepted here, so please feel free to go to every milonga in Madrid, although you must notice most milongas are very traditional regarding roles, circulation and dancing style. You can check milongas in Spain at