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“Queer Tango Futures” – is now available as a “REAL” book!

Promotional video by Ray Batchelor, July 2021.

“Queer Tango Futures” – is now available as a “REAL” book!

By popular demand, the Queer Tango Project has embarked on an experiment: a “print on demand” “real” physical, paperback edition of “Queer Tango Futures: Dancing for Change in a Post-Covid World”. These links take you directly to the book’s listings on Amazon websites:

Be sure to order your copy from your “nearest” Amazon website, because prices vary according to print costs (they have several printing operations around the world) and postage & packing costs (which vary, depending on where you are in relation to the print operation).

This paperback is an experiment. We have embarked on it because we think “Queer Tango Futures” is an excellent, timely book. Anything we can do to ensure that our contributors’ works are read and seen by as many people as possible, we should do. This, the printed book, is an obvious next step. The Queer Tango Futures Editorial Team would like to thank the book’s contributors for their support in making this next step possible, and also to thank Nicole Roberts and Ben Lovejoy for their consistent encouragement in getting the “Queer Tango Futures” paperback off the ground.

…If you encounter difficulties, by all means private message us and we will do our best to sort those difficulties out.

The Free eBook editions of Queer Tango Futures
We hope you like the printed “Queer Tango Futures” – though of course, our popular FREE eBook editions are and will always remain on offer: