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Rome – Queer Tango Travel Tips!

Travel tips by Cristiano Bramani.

Cristiano e Walter
Photo courtesy of Tango-queer Roma and photographer Veronica Adriani

Slideshow: photos from MALQUERIDA in Rome, Italy.

Tango-queer Roma presents:

LA MALQUERIDA – The first Italian queer milonga, every Friday!
The growing Queer Tango community of Rome is waiting for you to break down gender stereotypes and heteronormative codes which lead people to stay in a single predetermined role and dance exclusively with people of the opposite gender. The concept of Queer Tango gives ALL dancers, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, the freedom of expression and it intends also to stimulate a greater freedom in tango.
We would like to clarify that the intention of this project is to unite, not to create a ghetto, and we hope that even those who want to experience tango in its traditional combination (man leading/woman following) feel free to participate and continue, if they want, to use their [milonga] codes.

Before the milonga there are regular classes by CRISTIANO BRAMANI and WALTER VENTURINI:
H 22:30 – MILONGA. DJ Walter Venturini (Walt DJ)
at Centro del Tango Argentino “Astor Piazzolla”
Via Macerata 9, 00176 Rome, Italy.

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