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The Queer Tango Book: Deep Talk About Queer Tango

Birthe Havmoeller
Birthe Havmoeller, creator and editor of the Queer Tango Book, in her garden reading one of the essay, which we have selected the Queer Tango Book. –

Our call for submissions for the Queer Tango Book closed July 1 2014. The work on the book has begun, and we are happy to conclude that 26 contributors have shared their insights and stories about Queer Tango and tango with open roles with us. We have received articles, essays, artist statements, artworks, photographs and a poem. The Queer Tango Book will feature written and/ or visual materials from Sweden, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, England, Denmark, Holland, USA (east and west coast), Mexico and Argentina. We can reveal this much: it will be a great read!

We are greatfull for your interest in the Queer Tango Book and sorry that we can’t incorporate any more materials in the book.

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// The Queer Tango Book Team, July 4, 2014