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copyright Pierantonio Romor.

München Queer Tango Marathon 2018

Video (12:38): A short film with clips from the 1st Queer Tango Marathon – May 8-10, 2018 in München, Germany, made by Pierantonio Romor.

Rodrigo Cervantes

Queer Tango in Mexico was on TV

Video (3:39): This short news report about ‘Tango Queer’ in Mexico features an interview with Rodrigo Cervantes, organiser of Festival Internacional De Tango Queer De Mexico.



Video (1:40): promotional clip by Aleksandr M. Vinogradov, October 2017; a short clip showing an image of the queer tango in films through years.

Tango Con*Fusión

Tango Con*Fusión – El Sol Sueno

Video (6:12): Tango Con*Fusión performs ‘El Sol Sueno’ in Club Gricel for closing milonga of Johana Copes Lady’s Tango Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ray Batchelor and Jon Mulholland

A Presentation by Ray Batchelor and Jon Mulholland (2016)

Video (42:24): the London conference Muse of Modernity? Remembering, Mediating and Modernising Popular Dance presentation Panel 1: Dancing memory images. Part 1 of this panel is a presentation co-authored by Ray Batchelor and Jon Mulholland.