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Bangalore Queer Tango

Bangalore Queer Tango started in the early 2023 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The group invites you to come and dance with them next time you go to India.


New Book: QUEER TANGO A Transformative Artifact by Arno Plass

QUEER TANGO – A Transformative Artifact (Edizioni ETS, 2023) by Arno Plass. Arno is currently a PhD scholar at Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria) and a cultural worker. He works with Queer Tango academically and as cultural activist, e.g., in the dance/ talk-project Una Tanda Queer con.


Save the Dates

October 26-30, 2023. New York Queer Tango Festival, USA. Organised by Leonardo Sardella and Walter Perez.


Kathy Davis’ Review of Queer Tango Article by Batchelor & Mulholland

Kathy Davis: What a treat to see that wonderful iconic photo of men in butchers’ aprons and Fedoras dancing tango together in turn-of-century Buenos Aires on the cover of Clare Parfitt’s Cultural Memory and Popular Dance! The book is not just about tango; it is an interesting collection of chapters about the role of dancing in how people remember important events. …

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