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Tango with open roles

Video still - copyright the videomaker

Queer Tango on the Thames performance

Video (5:21): Dante Culcuy and Chris Benson with Celeste Cimino and Luciano Millaqueo give a very special tango performance in the gender-blind spirit of the event which was organised by Queer Tango London.

Michael Kotin

Queer Tango

Video (3:45): this is video with an open role tango couple by Michael Kotin, 2019.

Ezgi Sarıkaya and Ezgi Turmuş Binici

Video (2:27): Ezgi Sarıkaya and Ezgi Turmuş Binici performing an open role tango vals as the 4th dance of their tango show at the Trabzon Tango Meeting 4, 2019 in Turkey. The whole performance is available for viewing on Youtube. 🙂