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Lucas Fernandes

Lucas Fernandes at home

Video (4:23): Lucas Fernandes practicing at home. Music: ‘El Beso del Final’ by Christina Aguilera.

Lucrecio Robledo and Tintin

Lucrecio Robledo and Tintin

Video (1:40): lucrecio robledo and tintin, juli 2016. – Tango auf einer säule am elsterflutbett in Leipzig (tango encima de una columna …

The Christmas Tango


Video (18:52): A clip from the Greek movie TO TANΓΚΟ ΤΩΝ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΩΝ/The Christmas Tango (2011) which is based on a novel by …

Astrid Weiske and Kat Gorsuch

Astrid Weiske and Kat Gorsuch

Video (6:19): Astrid Weiske and Kat Gorsuch perform at the LGBTI Pavillion, International Tourism Fair Berlin 2016 for the Argentine Embassy.

Double One - Short Film

Double One – Short Film (2001)

Video (6:34) : Double One (2001, UK), a short film with Jungian symbolism and Tango Argentino dance vocabulary by Adriana Pegorer.

Sangra Tango - dance video

SANGRA TANGO by Luizo Vega (2014)

Video (5:07): SANGRA TANGO by Luizo Vega (2014), a fascinating short film/dance video in which the emotional relationship between two male tangueros …