Save the Dates: L’Isula Tango Queer in Catania, Italy 5-7th of July

On 5-7th July, 2024, Team L’Isula Tango Queer will launch the first edition of “L’Isula Tango Queer”, a new queer tango event in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

Siamo molto felici di invitarvi al nostro primo evento internazionale di tango queer in Sicilia! Registratevi attraverso il form, ci abbracciamo a Catania!

Team L’Isula Tango Queer explains, we are two associations based in Catania and we are working together in this occasion to organize the first edition of L’Isula: three days of Queer Tango experience in Catania. The team is made by 5 people: Ivan and Alessandro of the Tango Queer Catania school that organizes queer tango lessons, and Carla, Jole and Gaia of Le Tinte Gorgoni that organizes the Feminist and Queer Milonga of Catania (“La Tinta Milonga”).

Go to the registration form.