Tango Lesson on Sensuality

Video (2:52): Tango Lesson on Sensuality with Bodra Elia, Skirt Full of Tango, a short documentary by Bodra Elia, 2012.

The YouTube description of this video reads:
“Saturday Tango Lesson… Sensuality.

This is a clip of a student of mine, Christine, and myself improvising during Christine’s tango lesson. Christine is leading, I am following. The focus this Saturday was on going beyond the mind to find sensuality in the dance. Welcome to my living room/tango classroom.

As a dancer of Argentine Tango I felt driven to teach women to lead when I saw the unfairness of hoards of women sitting all night while a small number of men had “the pick” of the room – usually young, slender and pretty girls, while gorgeous older women of all shapes and sizes sat through most of the night trying to hang onto their dignity and interest, waiting for someone to ask them to dance. My heart started a revolution right there and then. Ever since I have been working to empower the women by teaching them both lead and follow roles, so THEY can dance and have FUN, whether or not there is a man available.”