The Queer Tango Salon 2017 in London

The Queer Tango Salon 2017 in London, 15th & 16th September

Ray Batchelor says:
“With less than two weeks to go, there is still time to register for The Queer Tango Salon and I am very pleased to say that it continues to generate no little excitement. There will have been nothing quite like it since the last Salon in Paris in 2016 – Dancer who Think; Thinkers who dance! – the Salon is devoted to bringing academics with something interesting to say about the themes touched on by queer tango into the same space as queer tango dancers, activists and others who know things because of what they do, to get them to listen and talk to each other – and of course! – dance with each other!

We are incredibly privileged to have as our Keynote Contributors, Mariana Docampo from Buenos Aires who has some choice things to say about the relationship of Argentina and Argentinians to queer tango, Federico Imperial (aka “San Fede” on Facebook) from Paris, with insights into the phenomenon which is the queer tango event, “La Vie en Rose”, and last but by no means least, from Goldsmith’s University London the academic, superb communicator and tango dancer, Professor Lisa Blackman brings some fresh ways of thinking about the value of queer tango as ways both of being, and of thinking.

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My co-organisers, Jon Mulholland fro the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, and Hélène Marquié of Université Paris 8, France look forward to welcoming you!”