The Queer Tango Salon – Call for Proposals

Edgardo Fernández Sesma to Join others at The Queer Tango Salon: Connecting Bodies of Knowledge.

Edgardo Fernández Sesma, perhaps Buenos Aires’ most indefatigable Queer Tango activist will be coming to Paris for 16-17 September this year to The Queer Tango Salon: Connecting Bodies of Knowledge, a meeting of Queer Tango activists and academics. “We are absolutely thrilled that Edgardo can come!” said UK Queer Tango activist and academic, Ray Batchelor. Ray is co-rganiser with UK academic, Jon Mulholland and Parisian academic, Hélène Marqís. As a Special Guest, Edgardo will be joining Keynote Contributors, Astrid Weiske from Berlin and Gaston Enrique Olguin, also from Buenos Aires and academics, Kathy Davis based in The Nertherlands, author of Dancing Tango: Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World and Melissa Fitch from Arizona, author of Global Tangos: Travels in the Transnational Imaginary.

And until 1st June, the organisers are still looking for proposals!
If you would like to make a contribution to the programme of seminars and workshops they are putting together, send them a 400 word description of what you have in mind before the deadline of 1st June to and take a look at their website for further details of the event:

Queer Tango Salon Flyer