Totally in Tango # 1

You are warmly invited to Totally in Tango # 1
July 1-3, 2016, Chaussee de Lille, 210 Moeskroen, Belgium, organised by Ludo Decreus.

We have brought together all necessary elements for a fabulous weekend where we all can enjoy both roles in Argentine Tango dancing, regardless of gender.

A very nice venue with a top quality wooden floor at Tango Aux Frontières , Moeskroen, BE.

A team of well-reputed, international, fellow-friends DJ’s (Holland, USA, France). Details will follow 🙂

Friday, milonga from 20.00 till 02.00
Saturday, milonga from 14.00 till 19.00
Saturday, milonga from 21.00 till 03.00
Sunday, milonga from 13.00 till 18.00

During the event all drinks and food are included -finger food and alsofull meal moments to give you energy:
Friday, midnight soup & bread
Saturday, noon till 15.00: Brunch and social time. Come and relax, have some food, get to know your fellow dancers…..
Saturday, 19.00: BBQ – eat as much as you wish
Saturday, midnight soup & bread
Sunday, noon till 14.00: Brunch and social time

No need to have a partner for registration.

All of the above for a participation fee of 90.00 € per person. If you feel like diving Totally in Tango – join up! Fill in the registration form now (but pay later :-))!

If you want to come together with your partner/friend who (still) dances one role only – you both are welcome!

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