We welcome collaborations. We have created this platform for the greater queer tango community. Share your ideas with us. – Writers are welcome to send us essays for publication on this website. And we hope that Queer tango event organisers will share their press releases with us.

The Queer Tango Project’s Calendar
All event organiseres are welcome to send event links to Birthe (havmoeller@gmail) with month, date, year, event, country and a link to the event web page/facebook invitation.

Contact the Queer Tango Project Team:

Birthe Havmoeller, Aarhus, Denmark
Creator and editor of The Queer Tango Book and editor of the Queer Tango Project website
Facebook page:
Birthe is available for Gmail webcam hangouts by appointment.

Ray Batchelor, London, England
Co-editor and curator of the Queer Tango Image Archive
Facebook page:
Ray is English. Go dance with him in London.

Join our The Queer Tango Conversation – our group at facebook.