Resources – Milongas and Practicas

Where do you go to dance queer tango?
The queer tango milongas are safe spaces in which to embrace cassual LGBTQ dance partners whom you have never met before and dance queer. If you have never danced tango before you must go to a tango class or a tango beginners’ bootcamp; some milonga organisers organise drop in queer tango classes for beginners before the milonga starts. A queer tango practica is informal dance space in which to practice your tango skills, some are guided others are not. All practicas and milongas welcome new dancers and visitors. You are not required to bring a dance partner at any of these events. However, at the moment there are only a few cities around the world which offers weekly or monthly milongas or practicas (see below).

Dancing queer or open role tango at mainstream milongas?
In northern Europe you can dance queer tango/open role tango at most regular mainstream (weekly) milongas. At these tango events it is best to bring a dance partner, as the number of double role dancers are still very low in most cities, and so are your chances of getting to dance the ‘other role’. – In other parts of the world you’ll have to ask your queer tango friends which milongas are queer friendly.

See also our calendar for queer tango festivals, queer tango retreats and marathons.

There are informal queer tango communities in lots of other cities. They are unfortunately not as active as the communities above, but many of them are organising queer or open role tango classes and workshops with guest teachers. Facebook is the best place to read about these workshops and other dance events.

[This page was updated on March 14, 2019]