Queer Tango Politics: or Why I think as I Do
by Ray Batchelor
A Queer Tango Project Publication
Published by June 2023
ISBN 978-87-974183-0-7 (PoD)
ISBN 978-87-998024-8-7 (PDF) – This is a FREE ebook

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About the Book

As the subtitle of this book indicates, this volume is not an analysis of all queer tango politics, but an anthology of Ray Batchelor’s personal reflections on them from 2015 to 2022. Batchelor’s writings demonstrate in these seven short years that tango, queer tango, the politics of gender and sexual identities and the global social and political contexts have all changed, sometimes radically. The book raises many important questions relevant to both the LGBTQ communities, queer tango dancers and the greater tango world.

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copyright queertangobook.orgQueer Tango Futures: Dancing for Change in a Post-Covid World
Edited by Ray Batchelor, Birthe Havmøller and Mori Plaschinski
Published by, June 2021
Ebook and PDF
978-87-998024-3-2 (HTML)
978-87-998024-4-9 (PDF)
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Queer Tango Futures (PoD version)
ISBN 978-87-998024-7-0
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Queer Tango Futures: Dancing for Change in a Post-Covid World is a collection of articles, essays and artworks created by dancers for dancers with contributions in both English and Spanish. This collection is not confined to the written word but includes a striking collection of artworks ranging in styles. Like all specialists, queer tango dancers have a range of views as to precisely “what queer tango is”, but most will agree it is danced with an overt political agenda. When they dance, queer tangeur@s are trying to change the world. At the very least, they are asserting vibrant alternatives to tired heterosexist, tango norms (which are themselves changing!) and what can happen on the dancefloor can happen in the wider world. The publication features their visions for the futures of queer tango.

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the cover of Queer Tango Histories; copyright The Queer Tango ProjectQUEER TANGO HISTORIES: MAKING A START…
By Ray Batchelor
Published by Birthe Havmøller / The Queer Tango Project
ISBN 978-87-998024-3-2 (PDF)
July, 2020

We used COVID-19 Lockdown to Produce a New Queer Tango Book!
This Queer Tango Project publication is a FREE eBook with a collection of six conference papers given by Ray Batchelor. The papers deal with queer tango imagery based on images featured in The Queer Tango Image Archive which is a part of The Queer Tango Project.

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Copyright Birthe Havmoeller/The Queer Tango ProjectQueer Tango Salon London 2017 – Proceedings
Selection and editorial matter © 2018 Ray Batchelor and Birthe Havmoeller
First Edition
Published by, December 2018
ISBN 978-87-998024-2-5 (PDF)

The organisers of the Queer Tango Salons, a two day seminar in London (2017), had it to set about breaking down two kinds of barriers: the barriers between academics and dance activists; and the barriers between using language as a means to consider, explore and answer questions and using dance or movement to address such issues. This publication is a free eBook with a selection of workshop descriptions and papers from the Queer Tango Salon.

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The Queer Tango Book coverThe Queer Tango Book – Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century
Edited by Birthe Havmoeller, Ray Batchelor and Olaya Aramo
Published by, March 2015
Ebook and PDF
ISBN 978-87-998024-0-1 (HTML)
ISBN 978-87-998024-1-8 (PDF).

The Queer Tango Book – Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century is the first of its kind: a unique, international anthology of writings and artworks about Queer Tango from dancers, activists, academics, artist and others, some of whom are key figures in the Queer Tango movement.

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