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Adriana Pegorer

Double One - Short Film

Double One – Short Film (2001)

Video (6:34) : Double One (2001, UK), a short film with Jungian symbolism and Tango Argentino dance vocabulary by Adriana Pegorer.

GendErotica 2015 poster

Tango Fem at GendErotica in Rome

The Queer Tango Corner inside GendErotica. On Sunday May 24, 2015 Tango Fem will create a Queer Tango corner inside Genderotica, the …

Tango Differente 2015 - feature image

Tango Diferente 2015

Tango Diferente 2015, June 15 – 21, Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, near Berlin, Germany. A research week exploring the fusion of Tango with Contact …

Tango Differente - Adriana Pegorer

Tango Differente 2014

Video (6:37): Impressons of the Tango Differente’s research week 2013. A week devoted to the explorative fusion of Tango with other techniques, …