A Presentation by Ray Batchelor and Jon Mulholland (2016)

Video (42:24): the London conference Muse of Modernity? Remembering, Mediating and Modernising Popular Dance presentation Panel 1: Dancing memory images.

Part 1 (0:00 – 23:55): Queer Tango Bent History: The Late Modern Uses and Abuses of Historical Imagery showing men dancing tango with Each Other, a paper co-authored by Ray Batchelor (Department of Creative and Visual Communications, Buckinghamshire New University) and Jon Mulholland (Department of Criminology and Sociology, Middlesex University).

Part 2 (23:57 – 42:24): Modernist Muse? Gret Palucca: jazz, shimmy and golliwog in the Bauhaus by Ilaria Puri Purini (Contemporary Art Society, London).

Chair: Claire Jones (Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies, University of Birmingham).

Queer Tango Bent History – the Photographs:
Arturo de Navas dancing with another man, Buenos Aires, 1903
Buenos Aires. Men dancing tango in the river. 1904
Market Traders in Tango Poses at the Market at Abasto, Buenos Aires, 1910
The bandeon player and men dancing tango with each other in Buenos Aires
Five couples of men posing, Argentina, 1940s or 1950s?