The Queer Tango Project

Informal Tango Interviews #10 – Ray Batchelor (London)

Video (1:21:55): In this zoom interview, Ray Batchelor (UK) talks about: Finding out about Queer Tango; Becoming a Queer Tango researcher; The Queer Tango Project; Queer Tango imagery in history; Finding connection in tango.

Today’s interview has a very clear topic – Queer Tango, because our guest, Ray Batchelor is a famous figure in Queer Tango circles for (among other reasons) his historical research about this phenomenon and the myths surrounding it. Ray tells us about some of his personal achievements and activities related to Queer Tango as well as why Queer Tango is a social and political means of changing the world.

Informal Tango Interviews is a new series on YouTube involving all kinds of tango people like you and me, who tell a bit about the story of their tango life and if applicable, also about a particular aspect they are especially known for or knowledgeable about.