Los Hermanos Marcana Workshops – Tango & Queer Milonga

Video (4:56): Excerpts from Los Hermanos Marcana workshops in Sevilla, 2012. The brothers Marcana are excelent leader / followers. In this video they switch roles while dancing their milongas. “Enrique and Guillermo De Fazio are two brothers, tango dancers, choreographers and performers. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They studied tango and other popular dances from an early age. They began their first steps of tango in 1995 Gricel’s Club located in the district of San Cristobal in the city of Buenos Aires. In 1998 they invented the choreography “Mala Junta” with which sealed the tradition of taking them to dance the most prominent theaters and events worldwide. In 2001 participated in the Robert Duvall film “Assassination Tango”. They toured for 10 years and until today the EU countries, USA, South America, Australia and Asia, they have been participating in various events and shows. They shared stage with prominent artists such as Placido Domingo in Santa Monica (2010) and they have been invited by the famous dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov to participate in a major arts festival in Sarasota USA (2011). In 2012 began their first entertainment company to present Tango Macho a Show with 10 dancers accompanied by the best genuine live music.”