Mayte Vicens and Julia Juliati – “Tango On A Lake”

Video (2:52): Excerpt from My Tango Story – A Journey With Mayte Vicens Documentary by Julia Juliati /, 2014.

A quote from the description the video:
“Documentary review by Victor Neufeld, former Executive Producer of 20/20 and the recipient of 22 Emmy awards: “It is a beautifully constructed documentary film, tells the stories of two distinct women and how their lives and creative forces have intersected in the compelling world of Argentine Tango.
Julia Juliati is the film maker and she is one of the women who’s dance life and persona are explored. Mayte Vicens is her Tango teacher, who introduces her to the joys of Argentine Tango, both emotional and physical, in this entrancing dance of a film.””