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Queer Tango Factory – a production space Discovering collectively and producing scopes

Queer Tango Factory
Künstlerhaus Wien, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien
May 28th to June 1st 2024.
The Queer Tango Factory’s events (link below) will be in English and German.

The neoliberal, patriarchal system has a deep impact on many aspects of our cultural eco-system. Its influence is controlling and forming. It hierarchizes, it segregates. It preforms our attitudes and fits them into self-evident logics.

Our bodies are the actors that again and again reaffirm or undermine this system. They provide opportunities to counterbalance and to give shape. With this project, the collective lxs hermanxs (an art[ist] collective by bettina patermo and arno cuca p.) researches these bodies in movement and is looking for possible fault lines for scopes in the everyday lives of single persons and/or groups that step by step undermine the respective patterns.

lxs hermanxs develop participatory art formats and take Queer Tango as a vehicle for their project at the Factory in Künstlerhaus Wien. The aim of the project is to push further transformation towards an inclusive society, (re)searching with the participants and producing scopes in an arena preconfigured by this dance. These scopes are thought as body spaces in which single persons are able to generate new possibilities, new sequences of movement and patterns allowing them to contribute to creating awareness for transformation processes in the our societies.

Providing participatory formats* the Factory of lxs hermanxs offers a moving playground along Queer Tango. Queer Tango is a practice that questions and challenges many societal normativities by shaking them, reaffirming them, discarding them, installing more just shapings etc. through dancing. The participants and observers open up new perspectives within their own situatedness, to move beyond hierarchies and segregation and to thereby contribute to a co-existence, a togetherness of different forms of expression.

The QUEER TANGO FACTORY puts drawing, video, photography, short animation film, language and experimenting into conversation. Find the program online at:

in German:

in English: