Queer Tango Futures Book Project

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Queer Tango Futures eBook Project
The deadline for submission for having passed, the Editorial Team are now working hard on it and we hope to publish the Queer Tango Futures anthology later this year.

Queer tango is dancing with an overt, political agenda. Like the world into which it emerged some 20 years ago, it has certainly changed, but has it improved? Has it kept pace with wider social and political developments? If we are to dance queer tango in the age of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, and in a climate increasingly disfigured by hostile, homophobic populist politics, should we urgently be updating queer tango’s political objectives, dancing differently and re-organising ourselves to be more effective in achieving them?

Covid-19 forced almost all of us off the dance floor. We can use this time to think hard about what we do, why we do it and how best to plan for the changed world which will face us, once the threat of Covid retreats. the Queer Tango Futures eBook features discussion pieces and deep thoughts in response to the questions in our open call:

What is the futures of queer tango?
What should we carry on doing like before?
What should we stop doing?
What should we do differently?

If you have any questions, please email Ray Batchelor, Birthe Havmøller and Mori Plaschinski at