Festivals & Milongas

Queer Milongas, Practicas, Marathons and Festivals

Queer Tango Marathon Hamburg c/o Ingrid von Boor
The International Queer Tango Festival in Hamburg c/o Ute Walter, Marga Nagel and Timm [The festival closed in 2011]
The International Queer Tango Festival Berlin and milongas c/o Astrid Weiske
MilongAMIGA (Queer Milonga) in Berlin c/o Andreas Lehrke
Milonga Queer Berlin at facebook c/o Katrin aka Ka Pu
Queer Tango Festival in Cologne c/o Rolf Räbiger [This festival was closed in 2016]
oRó de Bonn, open role tango mararthon in Bonn, Germany c/o Lucia, Alejandro, Lars & Anna
oRó de Bonn at facebook c/o Lucia, Alejandro, Lars & Anna
Open Role & Queertangomarathon, Priotzer Mühle, Wendland, Germany
Queer Tango Festivalitos in Frankfurt
Queer Tango Marathon in Oldenburg
tango QUEERido leipzig in Leipzig
TANGO QUeEriDo LEIPZIG at facebook c/o Tintin Bé
Tango Kreuz & Queer, the queer tango festival in Stuttgart
Tangoproject en moviemento in Zürich c/o Irene Gwerder
QueerTango.ch in Zürich c/o Isabelle
Queer Tango Marathon and Queer Tango Argentino in München c/o Heike
Queer and OpenRole Tango Genève in Geneva at facebook c/o Matthias
Tango in Progress Vienna / Queer Tango Vienna c/o Renate Falkner
Milonga Q in Den Haag c/o Stefan Schaddelee
Milonga Q at facebook
Queer Tango in Copenhagen c/o Queertango.dk
The International Queer Tango Festival in Stockholm c/o Charlotte Rivero
Oslo Tango Queer’s festival and practica c/o Tommy Olsson, Oddvar Kværnhaug and Johannes Holm
Oslo Tango Queer at facebook
Queer Tango in Vilnius c/o Irmantas Bačelis
Queer Tango in London c/o Ray Batchelor
Queer Tango in London at facebook
Milonga del Hondo Bajo Fondo, London at facebook
Queer Tango Brighton c/o Claudia Ohde
Totally in Tango, open role/dual role tango weekends travelling in Europe, at facebook c/o Ludo Decreus, Belgium
Tango Queer à Paris
Tango Argentin Queer à Paris, France at facebook
La Vie en Rose, Queer Tango Meeting in Paris, c/o San Fede
La Colmena in Toulouse at facebook
Tango-queer Roma and the queer milonga LA MALQUERIDA in Rome at facebook c/o Cristiano Bramani and Walter Venturini aka Tango Queer Roma
deGENERE, Italian Queer Tango Marathon in Rome, c/o Tango Queer Roma
La milonga Queer di BallorOmO in Rome c/o Angela, Stefania and Nicola
La milonga Queer di BallorOmO at facebook
Queer Tango Budapest, Hungary at facebook
Tango Queer Madrid c/o Carol & Olaya
Quilombo Queer Tango Festival, Barcelona, Spain
Quilombo Queer Tango Festival, Barcelona, Spain on facebook c/o Dafne
La Garúa Club de Tango Queer Barcelona at facebook c/o Roberto López
Tango4FunLisbon at facebook
Qtango in Moscow c/o Yuri Panov
Queer Tango Festival SALIDA, St Petersburg, Russia
Queer Tango Dance Club’s Queer Tango Festival, St Petersburg, Russia c/o Marina Ventarron
TanGo Out alias Queer Tango İstanbul at facebook

Argentina, USA, Canada and Mexico
QueerTango Marathon in Buenos Aires c/o Mariano Garcés and Juan Pablo [the marathon is no more]
La Marshall, Milonga Gay de Buenos Aires c/o Augusto Balizano [the famous milonga is closed]
La Marshall at facebook
Milonga Tango Queer de Buenos Aires c/o Mariana Docampo [the famous milonga closed in 2018]
Festival Internacional de Tango Queer en Buenos Aires c/o M. Docampo & A. Balizano
Festival Internacional de Tango Queer en Buenos Aires at facebook
Práctica de Roles de Tango, Argentina at facebook c/o Adán Cohen
Tango Queer en Córdoba, Argentina at facebook c/o Lucre Robledo, Ezequiel Quiroga & Carli Gutierrez
Tango Queer Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
Tango Queer Uruguay at facebook c/o Gonzalo Collazo and Pepe Ramallo
Milonga Queer Valparaiso, Chile at facebook
Queer Tango Mexico aka Festival International de Tango Queer de Mexico at facebook c/o
Rodrigo Cervantes Ramírez & Jathan Rafael Sánchez Vallejo
NYC Queer Tango Club Milonga, New York City, USA
NYC Queer Tango Club Milonga, New York City, USA at facebook c/o Phi Lee and Tim
New York City Queer Tango Festival at facebook
Queer Tango Boston at Facebook
Philadelphia Queer Tango, USA c/o Lauren Onorato and Karen Johnson
Philly Queer Tango at facebook
Queer Tango in Austin, Texas at facebook
International Queer Tango Festival in San Francisco
QueerTango San Francisco at facebook
Abrazo Queer TangoSF Bay Area, California, USA
Abrazo Queer Tango – SF Bay Area, USA at facebook
International Queer Tango Festival in Seattle c/o Eric Damiana, Shaw Fitzgerald and Elias Reis
Queer Tango Puget Sound (the greater Seattle area) at facebook
VIDA MIA Role-free Tango in Miami at facebook c/o Miguel Kanai
Festival de Queer Tango à Montréal
Queer Tango Montreal c/o Viva Delorme & Miriam Ginestier
Queer Tango Montreal at facebook
Queer Tango, Victoria, Canada at facebook.

Asia, Australia, New Zealand and The Rest Of The World
Queer Tango Wellington
Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney, Sydney, Australia at facebook
Queer Tango in Bali at facebook