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Queer Tango Workshop, Film Screening, Panel Debate and Milonga in Switzerland

Soledad Nani and Tangoproject en moviemento

Tango Workshop with Soledad Nani
August 8 – 9, 2015
and a special milonga with show, film and panel debate at la Porteña, Zurich on August 8, 2015.
Organised by Tangoproject en movimiento.

Do you know Queer Tango?
Two films about the Queer Tango movement in Buenos Aires and in Zurich, followed by a panel debate with the directors:

Dancing Queer in Buenos Aires (2007) by Marco Daniel
QUEERTANGO ZÜRICH (2013) by Gina Orsatti.

Milonga en moviemento
with Soledad Nani and a burlesque tango performance by Minouche von Marabou, Saturday August 8, 2015. The screening starts at 20.00 hrs. The milonga opens at 21.30 hrs.

Soledad Nani – tango dancer and teacher
Soledad Nani – tango dancer and teacher studied both roles in tango at the Buenos Aires Centro Educativo del Tango. She has assisted well known teachers such as Rodolfo Dinzel, Olga Besio and Juan Miguel Exposito. Soledad involved herself in a range of social projects as tango teacher: she teaches regularly at Tango Queer in Buenos Aires and at the legendary tango café, Los Laureles in La Boca. At international Queer Tango festivals, Soledad is valued for her exciting workshops and her beautifully poetic performances. She has previously visited Tangoproject en movimiento with great success and is now here for the third time.

Film Screenings
Dancing Queer in Buenos Aires (2007) by Marco Daniel
This is a documentary film about the growing Queer Tango movement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Passionate female Queer Tango dancers explain why they love dancing and how different Queer Tango is compared with traditional tango. Mariana Docampo, pioneer in the Queer Tango movement in Argentina, explains why this new tango style is re-interpreting the leader-follower roles and gender roles in tango and thus questions the traditional macho values of the Argentinian society. This valuable contemporary film documents the beginning of the Queer Tango movement in Argentina and shows its revolutionary nature in a society with macho values where tango not only is a dance but a part of the national identity.

Marco Daniel, who has lived for several years in South America and in Argentina, when he created first documentary film about the most sensual dance of all dances: tango.

QueerTangoZurich (2013) by Gina Orsatti. [see trailer]
The Queer Tango scene in Switzerland is a small community. This film presents a portrait of the Queer Tango scene in Zurich. We see the dancers in the film being interviewed and dancing. The film shows the sensual pleasure of dancing and opens the Queer Tango scene known to a wider audience.

Gina Orsatti started out as a graphic designer and art director, and for 15 years she gained a variety of experiences working for advertising agencies. In 2011-13 she studied Digital film and Animation at the SAE department of Creative Media Education. As part of her thesis, she realized the film about the Queer Tango scene in Zürich. This is film marks her entry into filmmaking. Gina Orsatti is interested in people, their stories, what motivates them, wether they are presented in text, audio, video or as images.

The Swiss burlesque artist Minouche Von Marabou launched her career in the Autumn 2011 and since then she has performed at a number of well known burlesque festivals among others in Berlin, Las Vegas, London and Vienna. Her expressive and charismatic personality captures the audience and brings them into a magic world of poetry and sensuality. Her latest performance ‘Fire of Jealousy’ is a homage to the Argentinian Tango and tells the story about an abandoned Tanguera, lost and torn between love and passion, sensuality and erotic, desire and satisfaction…

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