Queer Tango, Tango fusions

Rachel Sparks and Marie Eisenhardt – Burlesque Tango (2015)

Video (4:30): ‘So Near Yet So Far’. Burlesque Queer Tango Showdance performed by Rachel Sparks and Marie Eisenhardt at Strictly Queer Dancing an event by Wotever World in collaboration with Rachel Sparks Dance and DJ Jo Bunny, Sunday 13th December 2015 at Hackney Attic, London, UK.

The piece tells a story of desire, of shifting power, the choice to let go of control and the choice to take it back again. The balance tips back and forth and trust is tested every time something else is revealed.

About the performers
Marie Eisenhardt and Rachel Sparks explore female sexuality and androgyny and play with the outdated traditions of Ballroom by always swapping the lead and follower roles in all their performances. They display equality in their dancing as a political statement. By performing and competing they aim to open the eyes of the audience to think differently about partner dancing and what it reflects in society. – from the description of the video at Yourtube.