So you want to “help” queers learn tango… by Amy Groshek

We love this articleThanks to Amy Groshek (American phd student and tango instructor) for writing the article below which features a list of advices to straight tango teachers, when they want to reach out to the queer community and teach queer people to dance open role or queer tango.

She explains the obvious fact as to why queers are likely to prefer queer tango to open role tango classes, “What you can’t get at an open role lesson is a sensitivity to the sexual orientations, sexual practices, gender politics, and gender identities of queers. You can’t really offer this if you’re not queer, and you can’t really offer this if the majority of students in the lesson are straight.”

This article is a great read:
So you want to “help” queers learn tango… by Amy Groshek, June 2019.

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