Sweden: A Five Day Queer Tango Retreat For Women

Tangovecka på Kvinnohöjden

The Swedish tango teachers Malin Backström, Lotta Bohlin, Kristín Bjarnadóttir, and Henny Stridsberg will be teaching a five day Queer Tango course for women at Kvinnohöjden August 3 – 9, 2014. Kvinnohöjden is a converted Swedish farm with the traditional and very romantic red wooden buildings. It is run by a group of feminists, who organise workshops for women. Kvinnohöjden is situated a village of Storsund in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden.

This Queer Tango workshop and retreat is for women beginners and intermediate dancers. Dancers are invited to sign up individually. No dance partner is needed in Queer Tango as you will exchange roles and dancepartners in the classes. The woman only team of tango teachers promise it will be an intensive and meditative week.
For further details see the Swedish facebook event ‘Tangovecka på Kvinnohöjden aug 2014‘ or
contact Malin Backström,