Tango Fem at GendErotica in Rome

GendErotica 2015 poster

The Queer Tango Corner inside GendErotica.
On Sunday May 24, 2015 Tango Fem will create a Queer Tango corner inside Genderotica, the queer feminist arts festival in Rome. Videos from different countries and a few steps of live Tango, in the flesh; a glance at the ‘Queer’ dimension explored through the eyes of tango. Tango Fem’s Queer Tango corner includes contribution by Birthe Havmøller, QUEER TANGO CLUB, Marina Ventarron, Astrid Weiske, Cristiano Bramani, Tango Queer Roma, Tango Con*Fusión, Adriana Pegorer, Libertàngo Perte Annarita Capone, and the Sovvertango event created by Genderotica Eyes Wild Drag and Tango Fem, Linguaggi del Corpo.

Tango Fem
is a women only group. They organise events about women’s issues and gender identity, and address the social aspects through artistic languages, and the practice of social theatre. Their experimentation with the exchange of roles in Tango began in early 2000 as part of the training in art therapy techniques and dance theatre projects, and physical theatre projects for psychiatric patients, and they organised the first tango classes with the exchange of roles in this context too. Their dancing and performances are experimental dance processes that involves women leading, following, and exchanging roles in tango (intercambio), and dancing contact tango. At Genderotica 2013 Tango Fem created performative installations at the Teatro Valle Occupato in Rome in collaboration with Eyes Wild Drag, a queer drag group practicing gender queer performance. The article ‘Tango Fem Creating Gender Trouble in Rome’ by Mila Morandi and Giulia Cerulli is included in The Queer Tango Book – Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century.

GendErotica – contaminazioni di arte queer
is a project that started in 2009 and happens biannually. Year after year it is growing fast in terms of contents, artists, spaces, works and Italian premieres. Genderotica is a real self-managed and self-produced festival that happens because of the steadfastness of Eyes Wild Drag and is supported by a network of associations, movements, collectives involved in a rich and imaginative exchange. They use irony as the best way to provoke contradictions and liveliness. The 2015 festival will present performance art that is political, as well as will offer theater, performance, labs, visual art, readings, cinema, documentaries and an open lab called ‘Queer Infection’.