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Tango Queer Barcelona. ¿Qué es?

Video (1:59): the promotional video ‘Tango Queer Barcelona. ¿Qué es?’ (2018). Queer tango Barcelona says, ‘tango queer es un colectivo que invita a la gente a bailar, a reflexionar a través del baile sobre los roles de género y a cuestionar actitudes y limitaciones impuestas.’

The Interviewees Say:
Dancer 1. Tango Queer Barcelona is a collective that for the last 3 years has been inviting people to dance and reflect on gender roles, and why we have to be so tied to those roles when we dance and to question a lot of attitudes and limitations that tango imposes on us in the way that we undestand it now. There is a leader and a follower, the man is who leads and the woman is who follows. It’s not like that here. Here the roles are exchanged, diluted. And… We live our bodies in a different way, we enjoy a safe environment, without sexist violence, without violence for sexual orientation, without any other kind of violences. We seek to generate this safe space and promote the reflection and re-think ourselves through dancing. And most of all enjoy and create a community.
Dancer 2: we are here because we want to dance tango, because we love tango, but we want a different “enviroment” (“ambiente”), an enviroment for everyone, an inclusive environment.