The 2017 SF Bay Area Queer Tango Festivalito

The 2017 SF Bay Area Queer Tango Festivalito with Soledad Nani from Tango Queer Buenos Aires, early March 2017.

Soledad is a beautifully gifted tango dancer, lead and follow, known for her musicality and creativity on the social dance floor. Since 2005, she has dedicated herself to teaching tango and has become a highly sought after instructor and performer in Buenos Aires, North America and Europe. Her teaching focuses on the integration of tango basics, and developing tango movement in your entire body to create a dance with your partner that is an improvised, musical collaboration.

We are over the moon to welcome Soledad for her 4rd US tour — a festivalito of 4 days and 4 nights: milongas, practicas, performances, and workshops for beginning, intermediate and advanced dancers.

We invite you to the beautiful SF Bay Area to dance, prance and make merry with us! There is free housing for out of town guests.