The Queer Tango Project

The Queer Tango Book Team in Berlin!

Queer Tango Book Team in Berlin 2015

The editors Olaya Aramo, Birthe Havmoeller and Ray Batchelor. finally meet!

Our thanks to Astrid Weiske for an opportunity to promote “The Queer Tango Book” at the wonderful, candlelit Opening Milonga at Tango Loft in Berlin. Here you see something which never happened while The Queer Tango Book was being made – Birthe Havmøller from Aarhus, Olaya Aramo from Madrid and Ray Batchelor from London all in the same room breathing the same air.

Ray and Birthe in Berlin 2015

The next morning the enthusiastic editors Birthe Havmøller and Ray Batchelor working really hard (!) to promote The Queer Tango Book… Olaya was working as a volunteer at the Festival, so she was busy elsewhere.

Below is our incredibly sophisticated marketing machine – flyers and posters at ‘a Compás Café’ (the festival cafe) at Phynixtanz, Berlin Kreuzberg.

QTB promotional materials, Berlin 2015