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A couple of weeks ago dance writer Marina Harss interviewed Birthe Havmoeller who gave her a few pieces background information about the Queer Tango Movement for a newspaper article. We are really happy to share the link of Marina Harss' article 'Queer Tango Brings Its Liberated Style to New York', published by The New York Times last week. She writes about Queer Tango in New York, the Queer Tango movements, her experiences as a Queer Tango beginner and about the NY Queer Tango Weekend. We thank Marina for including The Queer Tango Book in her article and wish her and all the dancers in New York a great Queer Tango Weekend!

We love this article

'Queer Tango Brings Its Liberated Style to New York'

by Marina Harss. Published in The New York Times, September 24, 2015. For many people, including me, the word tango conjures the image of a pantherlike milonguero, hair slicked back, in a breathless embrace with a lithe, rapt partner, skirt slit to her thigh, trembling at his every touch. It is the image promoted by big tango shows; the dance … Read more.

NY Queer Tango Weekend 2015

NY Queer Tango Weekend 2015

NY Queer Tango Weekend October 1-4, 2015 organised by Walter and Leonardo. The weekend features four milongas and classes with: Jorge Torre, Graciela Gonzales, Leonardo Sardella, Walter Perez, Nancy Lavoie, Marie Franganillo, Maria José Sosa, Diego Blanco... Read more.


Coming Queer Tango events


The registration is open for LEU TANGO WEEK (LTW) 2nd EDITION which takes place at Saint-Leu, Reunion October 19 - 25, 2015. San Fede writes: Hi guys ! after the extraordinary QTF Berlin, join us in the indian Ocean for this Queer friendly festival ! Where is Reunion Island? in PARADISE ! Read more.

Festival Internacional de Tango Queer En Buenos Aires 2015

Invitation from Festival Internacional de Tango Queer En Buenos Aires 2015.  The registration is open now.  Read more.

The 2015 Women’s Tango Retreat

At Breitenbush Retreat Center, near Portland, OR, USA, November 19-22, 2015. The Women’s Tango Retreat is a special time to relax, renew, and connect with other gals around the country who are pursuing the creative path of dancing both roles, both socially and professionally. In the stunning mountains of Breitenbush, we will eat delicious vegetarian meals, soak in the hot springs, and dance together for four days and three nights. No cel phones, no internet! The program will include yoga classes and tango workshops designed to stimulate your creativity, supervised practice time and guided discussions around our roles as both participants in and creators of community.  Read More


Highlights From The Queer Tango Blog

Mauricio Ghella and Martin Maldonado, Oct. 2014

Maurizio Ghella and Martin Maldonado in Denmark

Video (6:56): excerpt from Maurizio Ghella and Martin Maldonado's Queer Tango performance at La Milonga in Aarhus, Denmark, September 2015. In this video - part 2/3 of their performance - they dance a tango nuevo and a milonga, changing roles while dancing. This is a rough video by Birthe Hamvoeller.  …  Read more.

Lexa Rosean and Brigitta Winkler

Brigitta Winkler and Lexa Rosean - "Paciencia"

Video (2:23): Lexa Rosean dances with one of her first teachers from 20 years ago, Brigitta Winkler. Their performance took place at the Milonga Rosa held at the Ukranian East Village Restaurant, New York City on Friday June 19, 2015. Music: "Paciencia" by Juan D'Arienzo. Read more.

Vincent Hodin and Alexandre Nikitin

Vincent Hodin and Alexandre Nikitin

Video (2:42): a performance by Vincent Hodin (France) and Alexandre Nikitin (Russia) at 3rd International Queer Tango Festival St.Petersburg, 2015.

Read more.

Corporation Tango

Corporation Tango (2014)

Video (2:01): Corporation Tango, December 20, 2014, Studio TV Publica, Buenos Aires. We see a scene from a tango show: two male couple, they dance queer, changing roles...  Read more.

Csongor Kicsi and Lucian Stan 2014

Lucian Stan and Csongor Kicsi (2014)

Video (3:48): In 2014 Lucian Stan and Csongor Kicsi from Brasov, Rumania, performed this lovely queer version of a traditional tango ... Read more.

Mayte Vicens and Julia Juliati (2014)

Mayte Vicens and Julia Juliati - "Tango On A Lake"

Video (2:52): Excerpt from My Tango Story - A Journey With Mayte Vicens Documentary by Julia Juliati /, 2014 …

Read more.


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