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The Queer Tango Conversation (our group on facebook; founded in 2015) is thriving in FB cyberspace. Ray wrote recently to Birthe, 'In Berlin, I lost count of the number of people who came up to me to say how much they enjoyed the postings in the Queer Tango Conversation – and most of them had never made a comment, they just liked to follow.'  - It is encouraging for us to know that our postings and the queer tango debates has a loyal readership. Do feel welcome to post your questions, comments and observations on the wall of The Queer Tango Conversation. We do our best to keep this space which is dedicated to conversations about Queer Tango, open role tango and related topics. strictly commercial free and non-promotional.

2018 Queer Tango Calendar 

The 2018 queer tango calendar features Queer Tango festivals, retreats and open role tango weekends around the world. See the dates of the tango festivals in Oslo, Mexico, Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Read more.

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Queer Tango Marathon Queerida

Queer Tango goes Baltic!
Queer Tango Marathon Queerida September 14-16, 2018.Read more.



Queer Tango Space - Minority Stress, Sexual Potentiality, and Gender Utopias

Queer Tango Space - Minority Stress, Sexual Potentiality, and Gender Utopias
Juliet McMains
TDR: The Drama Review 62:2 (T238) Summer 2018. pp 59-77
A review by Ray Batchelor. Read more.

A New Trend: Open Role Tango Events in Mainstream Tango

The Queer Tango Project presents the essay: 'A New Trend: Open Role Tango Events in Mainstream Tango' by Birthe Havmoeller. Read more.

The Closure of Milonga Queer in Buenos Aires?

The closing of the Milonga Queer -THE IDEAS ARE DANCING by Mercedes Liska (2018) with an introduction by Ray Batchelor. Read more.

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Rodrigo Cervantes

Queer Tango in Mexico was on TV

Video (3:39): This short news report about 'Tango Queer' in Mexico features an interview with Rodrigo Cervantes, organiser of Festival Internacional De Tango Queer De Mexico. Read more.

video still copyright Los Bailarines Enmascarados

Los Fabulosos Bailarines Enmascarados

Video (2:33): a promotional video with Los Bailarines Enmascarados. Read more.

TANGO QUEER o DIVERSO - GRAN MiLONGA NACiONAL - Esteban Mioni y Edgardo Sesma

TANGO QUEER o DIVERSO - GRAN MiLONGA NACiONAL - Esteban Mioni y Edgardo Sesma

Video (4:14): TANGO QUEER o DIVERSO - GRAN MiLONGA NACiONAL, Esteban Mioni and Edgardo Fernández Sesma dance 'intercambio' to CARA SUCIA, played by Carlos Di Sarli's orchestra in 1957. Read more.

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Inside Russia's LGBT dance festival: Queer tango in St. Petersburg

Video (3:24): PinkNews goes behind the scenes at the queer dance festival held in St. Petersburg. Read more.

copyright Pierantonio Romor.

München Queer Tango Marathon 2018

Video (12:38): A short film with clips from the 1st Queer Tango Marathon - May 8-10, 2018 in München, Germany, made by Pierantonio Romor. Read more.

Photo: Chistiano Bramani

Short Documentary about Tango Queer Roma

Video (3:47): Short Documentary in Italian about Tango Queer Roma by (2018). Read more.

Tango Queer - documental (2011)

Tango Queer - documental (2011)

Video (12:27): Tango Queer part 1+2 (documental, 2011). Llevar o ser llevado? Esta es la nueva pregunta. Read more.




Birthe Havmoeller, Ray Batchelor and Olaya Aramo

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