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We will soon publish The Queer Tango Book and now we are also working on turning our blog into a prober resource site featuring both Queer Tango essays, reviews, videos documenting Queer Tango, open role tango, etc. and the latest pieces of news from the Queer Tango World. In fact we share much more at the blog than we are able to fit into this newsletter!

We continue our blog post series with Queer Tango Travel Tips. The next destination on our tango tour around the world is St Petersburg, where our queer tango friends are busy organising the 3rd International Queer Tango Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. We wish  them every success with the festival.

Queer Tango Festival

3rd International Queer-tango Festival - Russia 2015

3rd International Queer-tango Festival - Russia 2015

The 3rd International Queer-tango Festival in Russia April 18 -19, 2015 presents first time in Europe Queer Tango teacher and professional dancer Sergio Segura (New York).

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3. Queer Tango Festival - St Petersburg

3rd International Queer-tango Festival's trailer

Video (2:07): Trailer by the International Queer-tango Festival in Russia.

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Book Review

Dancing Tango by Kathy Davis - A New Book!

Dancing Tango: Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World Kathy Davis. New York University Press 2015. Reviewed by Ray Batchelor. Queer Tango is at the heart of Kathy Davis’s timely, and impressive study. …

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Mauro Grande Marco Gattafoni 2014

My Queer Tango Story by Mauro Grande.

My 'Queer Tango Story' by Mauro Grande. Translation by Cristina Ravazzolo. First published at facebook, February 1, 2014. The year 2014, a year of “change”, I will never forget. I strongly feel like sharing a small part of my Tango Queer Story. …

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Tango Donna

New Tango Lead and DJ Retreat for Women - October 2015!

Tango Lead and DJ Retreat for Women in Tuscany, Italy, October 3-10, 2015. Presenters: Brigitta Winkler (tango), Céline Devèze (DJ) and Maria Nishta (yoga). Free your dance ~ Cultivate your unique voice. This week is for you if... you like nature, good food, body awareness work and inspiration...

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Highlights From The Queer Tango Blog

Lucas Fernandes 2015

Lucas Fernandes Dancing a Tango Solo

Video (3:07): Lucas Fernandes danced a tango solo at the milonga Mucho Tango, São Paulo, Brazil, 06.02.2015.

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Daniel Arroyo and Juan Pablo Ramirez, 2014

Daniel Arroyo and Juan Pablo Ramirez - San Telmo 2014

Video (4:46): Daniel Arroyo and Juan Pablo Ramirez danced a very queer milonga at the 3rd San Telmo Tango Festival, Buenos Aires, Placita del Pañuelo Blanco December 14, 2014.

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Sergio Segura and Leandro Header

Tangosterona by Leandro Header and Sergio Segura (2014)

Video (4:24): Tangosterona by Leandro Header and Sergio Segura, a male dancing demonstration at Salon Canning, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014.

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Tango Secrets Festival 2014

A Documentary About The Tango Secrets Festival 2014

Video (8:06): this documentary about the Tango Secrets Festival 2014 in Buenos Aires features interviews with Augusto Balizan, Peninsula Cho, Ana Marìa Shapira, Fernando Carrasco and the organiser of the festival Fernando Gracia.

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Ana Maria Schapira and Sol Cerquides

Ana Maria Schapira and Sol Cerquides (2014)

Video (3:50): Ana María Schapira and Sol Cerquides danced a milonguero style tango at the Tango Secrets Festival 2014. The Tango Secrets Festival is organized by Fernando Gracia.

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Astrid Weiske and Erica Atnip

Astrid Weiske and Erica Atnip - Berlin 2014

Video (4:47): Astrid Weiske and Erica Atnip's second performance at the Gala Night of the QueerTango Festival in Berlin 2014.

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