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Valeria Solomonoff


TangoMujer Promotional Video

Video (6:38): TangoMujer promotional video with excerpts from theatrical piece “Vice Verso” plus “Mala Junta”, “Maria”, “Malena” and “Yumba”, published by Valeria Solomonoff.

NY Queer Tango Weekend 2015

NY Queer Tango Weekend 2015

NY Queer Tango Weekend October 1-4, 2015 organised by Walter and Leonardo The event features four milongas and classes with: Jorge Torre, …

Valeria Solomonoff - TangoMujer

A Valeria Solomonoff Performance !

Video (3:11): A Valeria Solomonoff’s tango solo. Choreographed and performed by Valeria solomonoff, presented in several international tango festivals as well as …

Valeria Solomonoff and Jamie Harrison

“Flamango Tamenco”

Video (3:17): Fusion of Tango and Flamenco danced to Radio Tarifa’s “Tangos del Agujero”. Choreographed by Valeria Solomonoff (2011). Danced by Valeria …

Valeria Solomonoff

Tango Dancer Valeria Solomonoff

Video – Tango Mujer (7:28). Published by marlangosouth’s videostream at YouTube 04.06.2010. Valeria Solomonoff: ‘If I were to dance in an important …