5th Queer Tango Marathon in Buenos Aires

The dates of the 5th Queer Tango Marathon in Buenos Aires has been announced: March 10 – 16 2014. The Queer Tango Marathon features more than 15 workshops, queer tango teacher from over the world and the unique Queer Tango Marathon in the world where the organisers prommise to dance tango during 42 hours, 19 minutes and 50 seconds if your feet won’t dance that long. Before the Queer Tango Marathon there will be a trip on March 1 – 4 2014 to Bariloche (Argentinian’s Patagonia) to dance tango, folklore and others rythms in a Queer Carnival organized by the Queer Tango Marathon and the Snow Gay Party.
For further information, registration, and suggestions, please write to: