New Book: QUEER TANGO A Transformative Artifact by Arno Plass

A Transformative Artifact
Autore/i: Arno Plass
Collana: Sakura. Filosofie e societa’ nei prodotti culturali (13)
Pagine: 92
Formato: cm.12×19
Anno: 2023
ISBN: 9788846765925
Edizioni ETS

While living our lives and participating in the different practices we, as individuals and as societies, contribute to different artifacts.
In this book, artifacts are understood as sociocultural practices that keep on developing and transforming societal patterns. Queer Tango is such a practice. It consciously breaks with and bends the heteronormative, exclusionary preset in Tango Culture in order to provide inclusive spaces. This way, the artifact allows for plurality – and plurality is the human condition – to take place.
Queer Tango does so by taking advantage of the transformative potential of Tango itself and by searching creatively for new forms of shaping our social spaces.

About the Author

Arno Plass is currently a PhD scholar at Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria) and a cultural worker. Arno holds an MA (Gender Studies) and a BA (Philosophy). After several years as life and rehabilitation counselor in Mental Health, Arno now works with Queer Tango academically and as cultural activist, e.g., in the dance/ talk-project Una Tanda Queer con.