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New FREE Ebook Launch Party – Queer Tango Futures

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Queer Tango Futures: Dancing for Change in a Post-Covid World

PRÓXIMO SÁBADO 5 de Junio: cóctel virtual de presentación del libro “EL FUTURO DEL TANGO QUEER, bailando por el cambio en el mundo post Covid”, en el cual yo escribí una colaboración. Es un trabajo de el “Queer Tango Project” de Londres, para renovar el Tango Queer y darle nueva vida. ESTÁN TODOS, TODAS y TODES invitades.

The Queer Tango Publishing SENSATION of the Century!!!
YOU are invited to our Book Launch Cocktail Party on Saturday 5th June – mark it in your diary NOW!
– Just get dressed for the party (Dress Code: Queer – optional)
– organise a drink of your choice,
– then use this link after 9.00 am CE time to download your FREE copy of “Queer Tango Futures: Dancing for Change in a Post-Covid World”
We will start a Book Launch Cocktail Party thread on The Queer Tango Conversation that morning; where you can meet the authors and artists whose answers to the question: “How should we do queer tango in a Post-Covid world are found between its [virtual covers] – and take a look at their work!
Post a photo of your Book Launch Cocktail Party self with your own views on anything you find in the book.
After starting to emerge in some places after so many dark months of not dancing, we want you thoroughly to enjoy these stimulating pieces – words and art – which will help all of us thing about what we are actually doing as we start to dance again, as well as what we think we SHOULD be doing, and why.
This is the Queer Tango Project calling!
Let’s renew queer tango – and breathe NEW LIFE into it…