Short Film

Queer Tango Workshops with D/deaf Dancers!

Video (12:05): ‘D/deaf CAN Dance!’ is a short film about a Bucks New Yniversity Reaearch Project (2014) in England. – Can a D/deaf person access music and musicality through the body of another human being? Can two D/deaf people dance tango together? Could D/deaf people dance tango at mainstream tango events (milongas)? These arresting questions were explored in an innovative sequence of Queer Tango workshops with D/deaf people in a Bucks New University research project: D/deaf CAN Dance! D/deaf participants were invited, through dancing tango, to consider these questions and offer answers.

Melanie Parris, Dr Ray Batchelor who devised the project, together with some of the participants describe what happened and what its significance might be for D/deaf people who want to dance tango might be in the future.

Their answers are surprising!