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The Queer Tango Book – A Collaborative Project!

The Queer Tango Book

The Queer Tango Book is an anthology about the phenomenon of Queer Tango, the communities and the dance style. The project is created by Birthe Havmoeller.

We are now so far in our editing process of the Book that we are ready to present the names of the dancers, writers and artists who are sharing their insights in The Queer Tango Book:

Alex Gastel (Germany), Alice Heigh (Russia), Belén Castellano (Spain), Birthe Havmoeller (Denmark), Carlos Blanco (Mexico), Carolina De Beus (Belgium), Chelsea Eng and Tango Con*Fusión (USA), Claudio Gonzalez (Argentina), Con Artist (USA), Denise Lew (England), Edgardo Fernández Sesma (Argentina), Gigi Gamble (USA), Guilia Cerulli (Italy), Helen ‘La Vikinga’ Halldórsdóttir (Iceland/Argentina), Hilda Hisas (Argentina), Juliet McMains (USA), Kristín Bjarnadóttir (Sweden), Laura Valentino (USA/Iceland), Laurie Ann Greenberg (USA), Marc Vanzwoll (USA), Mariana Docampo (Argentina), Miguel Kanai (USA), Mila Morandi (Italy), Natalia Merkulova (Russia), Olaya Aramo (Spain), Paul Fairweather (England), Ray Batchelor (England), Sasha Cagen (USA), Sofía Silva (Spain), Soledad Nani (Argentina) and Susana Romero (Argentina).

The Book will present a diverse selection of written materials interspersed with series of artworks. We hope to publish the Book in the begining of 2015 as a free ebook. If you subscribe to our newsletter we will keep you updated about this landmark publication and invite you to the book release event(s). Go to the subscribtion form.


Birthe Havmoeller, Ray Batchelor and Olaya Aramo
/ The editorial team of the Queer Tango Book