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Tango Fem trailer

Tango Fem – Short Film

Video (1:31): A Queer Tango short film by Linguaggi del Corpo – Altrogenere and Tango Fem, Rome, Italy. Published in April 2014. …

La Furca

La Furca: Tango Queer – Trailer

Video (1:10): Trailer promoting La Furca Milonga Queer. La Furca is an Argentine milonga. Join La Furca Milonga Queer at Facebook. Video: …

NYC Queer Tango Festival 2010

NYC Queer Tango Festival 2010

Video (2.10): NYC Queer Tango Festival 2010. Produced by Sergio Segura, it was a very successful event. Two bands, a lot of …

Tango Libre the movie

Tango Libre – The Movie

Video (3:24): Tango Libre – prison dance scene. The really cool dance scene from movie Tango Libre (2012) by director Frédéric Fonteyne. …

Tango d'Amour / Lesbian Tango

TANGO d’ AMOUR / Lesbian Tango

Short film: TANGO d’ AMOUR / Lesbian Tango (30:50 min) produced, written and directed by Liliana Kleiner, 2012. Description of the film: …