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Documentary Film Trailer – Tango Queerido

Video (2:15): Trailer documental Tango Queerido

Dokumental: Tango Queerido (2016)
Producción general: Liliana Furió y Julie August
Idea y dirección: Liliana Furió
Producción ejecutiva: Leo Maslíah
Asistente de dirección: Julie August
Cámara: Liliana Furió, Karina Macchioli y Alberto Masliah

This is the first long documentary ever made about Queer Tango. Made by people from the international Queer Tango Movement itself, it depicts another way of interpreting this marvellouse Rioplatense dance that spreaded out to the whole globe. It shows the paradox of a traditionalist and macho dance that has given the LGTB movement a powerful tool for communication, support, and political struggle, appropriating but breaking its fixed roles that limited the dance.

It presents the main voices in queer tango internationally: teacher and organizer Ute Walter, who launched the first Queer Tango Festival in Hamburg 2001, researcher Magali Saikin, author of the book Tango y Género, Argentinian dancer Soledad Nani, dancers and organizers Mariana Docampo and Augusto Balizano, who run milongas in Buenos Aires and the Queer Tango Festival in the same city, dancer Astrid Weiske, organizer of the Berlin Queer Tango Festival, to younger voices in queer tango, such as dancers and organisers Alex Gastel and Benjamin Layer, Juan ‘Juampy’ Pablo Ramírez, Natalia Merkulova, among others.

A great achievement which aims to spread and explain the birth, evolution and objectives of Queer Tango internationally.

The pre-final version was first screened at the Quilombo Queer Tango Festival in Barcelona, May 2016, after that it was also screened at the queer milonga in Rome in September and in Berlin in October 2016. The documentary was officially premiered at Cosmos Cinema as part of the Festival Asterisco in Buenos Aires on November 1, 2016.